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Malaria Advocacy Awareness: A Transformative Impact in Ungwan Boro, Kaduna | 28th February, 2024

Ladi Maji Foundation (Kaduna) organized a malaria advocacy awareness event at Ungwan Boro Government Primary and Secondary School in Kaduna. With an audience comprising more than 300 students and teachers.

The event commenced with Mrs. Blessing providing an introduction about Ladi Maji Foundation and its mission. Following this, she facilitated a brief interactive session where students shared their existing knowledge and experiences concerning malaria.

Subsequently, Miss Blessing (Nurse) delivered an informative and engaging presentation on malaria, covering its meaning, prevention, control, and treatment. Her talk was tailored to the audience, using simple language and relatable examples to ensure comprehension.

Upon conclusion of the presentation, the students actively participated in a question-and-answer session, demonstrating a keen interest in the topic and showcasing their newfound understanding of malaria and its impact.

The event concluded amidst enthusiastic applause and cheerful smiles from the students, who appeared genuinely enlightened and enthusiastic about the valuable information they had received. The organizers, Ladi Maji Foundation expressed visible satisfaction with the outcome, as the event effectively raised awareness and empowered the young attendees with the knowledge necessary to safeguard themselves and their communities from the dangers of malaria.


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