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Fostering Education: Ladi Maji Foundation’s Impactful Visit to Goodnews Academy Lokogoma | 20th March, 2024

On March 20th, 2024, Ladi Maji Foundation’s Abuja team embarked on a journey to Toto Local Government Area, Nassarawa State,Nigeria, where Goodnews Academy, Lokogoma, stands as a beacon of hope for education, with a goal of getting to know the academy’s students and staff, understanding their challenges, and finding ways to support and collaborate.

Pastor Enoch, the principal and proprietor of Goodnews Academy, welcomed the team with open arms when they arrived. His joy in the Foundation’s noble cause was palpable as he shared stories of faith and service, underscoring the divine calling by God that led him to Lokogoma after retirement from civil service.

Goodnews Academy’s vibrant student body and dedicated staff exhibited enthusiasm and tenacity. Over a hundred elementary school pupils who interacted with the Foundation team fostered an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and growth.

During discussions with Pastor Enoch, several pressing challenges facing the academy came to light, ranging from staff shortages to incomplete projects and insufficient support from local authorities. Additionally, parental attitudes and financial constraints pose significant hurdles to the school’s development.

 Despite these challenges, Goodnews Academy has achieved tremendous success. Ladi Maji Foundation has contributed in enhancing the learning environment, while graduates have successfully transitioned to universities and prestigious careers across Abuja and Nigeria, showcasing the diverse paths paved by the academy.

The visit was a poignant reminder of the value of education and community development. Ladi Maji Foundation reaffirmed its unwavering commitment in assisting Goodnews Academy to overcome challenges and foster success. Ladi Maji Foundation, through collaboration and dedication, stands ready to champion the cause of education in Lokogoma Nassarawa state, empowering students and shaping communities for generations to come.


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