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Ladi Maji Foundation Transformative Support for Kuchingoro’s IDP-Camp Education | 30th April,2024

On 30th April, 2024, Ladi Maji Foundation’s Abuja team visited  the Internally Displaced Children School in Kuchingoro. Greeted warmly by Mr. Luka, the headmaster, the team’s mission was to support the 12 volunteer teachers dedicated to educating over 337 pupils, many of whom lost their parents to war and floods.

Ladi Maji Foundation, a longstanding supporter of the school, provided scholarships and essential resources. During this visit, Mr. Panjiel, the Foundation’s General Manager, presented stipends to the teachers, acknowledging their tireless efforts. Mr. Luka expressed deep gratitude for the ongoing support, emphasizing its vital role in the children’s lives.

This visit highlighted the power of kindness and compassion in overcoming adversity. Ladi Maji Foundation reaffirmed its commitment to aiding the school, carrying forward the smiles and resilience of the children they support.


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