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Ladi Maji Foundation Provides Relief Materials and Sponsorship to Right Light Gospel Orphanage | 13th August, 2022

In a remarkable display of compassion,  Ladi Maji Foundation through her Annual intervention program took the initiative to provide much-needed relief materials and sponsorship to Right Light Gospel Orphanage.

Through its generous efforts, the foundation aimed to bring joy, solace, and assistance to the children residing in the orphanage. This was achieved by providing vital relief materials, such as food items, clothing, toys, and various other essentials, along with a cash donation to the head of the orphanage.

Ladi Maji Foundation extended its generosity by offering sponsorship to the Right Light Gospel Orphanage. This sponsorship was geared to provide sustained assistance for the orphanage’s operations, ensuring that the children received the care and opportunities they deserved. Furthermore, the foundation went a step further by providing educational scholarships to five students from the Right Light Gospel Orphanage. Through these scholarships, the foundation aimed to empower the students with the tools and opportunities they needed to pursue their education and unlock their full potential. By investing in their education, the foundation opened doors to a better future, instilling hope and resilience in the hearts of the children.

The foundation’s commitment to sponsorship demonstrated their dedication to empowering the children and fostering their overall development and have also set an example of generosity and empathy for others to follow.




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