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Ladi Maji Foundation Easter Intervention (Ungwan Boro Community, Kaduna) | 8th April, 2023

In a heartwarming Easter intervention, Ladi Maji Foundation extended its support to the Ungwan Boro community in Kaduna. With the aim of alleviating the sting of hardship during the period of celebration, the foundation embarked on a mission to bring relief, hope, and joy to those in need. Through the distribution of essential relief materials such as food items, the foundation made a lasting impact in the lives of over 180 individuals in the community.

Recognizing the importance of addressing immediate needs, Ladi Maji Foundation provided vital relief materials to the Ungwan Boro community. The focus was on food items, with over 100 5kg bags of rice and 4 50kg bags of rice distributed to widows and less privileged individuals within the community. This act of kindness aimed to alleviate hunger, nourish the bodies, and bring comfort during the festive season. The provision of relief materials became a source of hope and reassurance for those facing hardship in the community.

The ruler of the Ungwan Boro community, known as the “Sarki,” played a pivotal role in the success of the Easter intervention by offering his unwavering support. With his guidance and oversight, the foundation’s efforts were smoothly executed, ensuring that everything went according to plan. The collaboration between Ladi Maji Foundation and the community ruler exemplified the power of unity and compassion in making a positive impact.


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